So how many of you have access to top secret meetings? Who gets tours of nuclear missile facilities? Anyone have tea with the president where a few confidential dossiers might be lying about the room?

Well if you are one of the above then security is probably something you need to take seriously. In which case PDAs with cameras on them could be something of a problem for you.

mCamLock guarantees access to the most secure and forbidden zones.

The software works by temporarily disabling the camera on your PDA between any two times of your choice.

Once locked the camera is impossible to access, meaning photographs and video recordings cannot be taken. As soon as the time period expires the camera returns to its normal function.

Perhaps I'm not moving in the right circles but this software seems to have a particularly limited audience to me. The only places I go where I'm not allowed to take photos are museums; and then I don't take photos.

Need to bring your Treo into areas where camera is restricted? mCamLock allows you to disable the Treo camera on your device for any predefined time period!

During this time period you will not be able to take new pictures or video recordings. When the time period expires, you will be able to restore the camera functionality.



mCamLock 2.1.2

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